Wonderful Wednesdays for kids is a fun and fruitful way to spend your Wednesday evening with activities beginning as early as 4:45pm and running until 7:15pm.

Rabbit Hole Study Time runs from 4:45pm to 5:30pm in the library and is a great way to get help on homework.

Dinner is served at 5:30pm in the fellowship hall and is always delicious.

Then the real fun happens from 6:00pm to 7:15pm with music and Bible study. The preschoolers have begin with Faith Steps and end with Music Time. The children in grade school begin with Music Makers and end with Faith Builders.

Our youngest preschoolers, who cannot yet join in other activities, will be cared for by our paid nursery worker and her assistants from 5:30pm to 7:15pm. They will learn that church is a place where people will always love and care for them.

Keep reading below for more in depth information on any of these activities.

Rabbit Hole Study Time

Sometimes, children need help with their homework or need to hear the explanation from someone other than the teacher or the parent. Sometimes, children need a structured time and place for homework or just to see that others have homework to do, too.

Rabbit Hole Study Time is a time and place to get that homework done before supper and the other activities of Wonderful Wednesdays. It is staffed by volunteers, some of whom are educators, who are ready to provide homework help in whatever way is needed.

Entering the office door on the Chestnut Street side of the building is the easiest way to get to the library and study time.

With a name like Rabbit Hole Study Time, you might even happen upon a group of children and adults happily reading the childhood classic Alice in Wonderland.

Faith Steps

Faith Steps is a time for older preschoolers (age three through Kindergarten) to take the first steps of their faith journey. This will be a time of learning that includes play, crafts, story time, directed activities, and imagination. They will be learning that God loves them and that people at church love them, as well as stories from the Bible that begin the foundation for their faith.

Faith Steps begins at 6:00 in the Preschool Suite on the main floor. Preschoolers and their leaders eating the Wednesday night meal in the fellowship hall move to the class room as a group. After Faith Steps, the preschoolers transition to Music Time.

Music Time

Singing, playing instruments, and movement—all activities of Music Time.

Musical concepts such as fast and slow, loud and soft, and steady beat will be explored using music in a variety of styles.

Preschoolers also learn about God and his love through the developmentally appropriate songs they sing and hear.

Parents may pick up their preschoolers at 7:15 in the choir room on the main floor.

Music Makers

Making music through singing and with instruments is what Music Makers is all about.

Add a little movement, a few musical games, an occasional puzzle, and a lot of fun and you have a snapshot of Music Makers.

Along the way, Music Makers learn musical concepts, Biblical truths, and they learn about the music used in the church.

Although not a performance based choir, the Music Makers will occasionally share some of our music with the church.

Music Makers begins at 6:00 in the Choir Room on the main floor.

Children and their leaders eating the Wednesday night fellowship meal move to the Choir Room as a group.

After Music Makers, the children transition to Faith Builders.

Faith Builders

Faith Builders is a time for our children to explore and grow in their faith.

Through hands on activities they will learn about the teachings of the Bible on an age-appropriate level, will explore some of the traditions of the church, and will discover ways to incorporate Bible teachings in daily life.

Parents may pick up their children from Faith Builders at 7:15 in the Children’s Area on the Upper Floor.