We believe that God has gifted all with passions and skills that can be used for the building up of the church.  There are a number of ways at First Baptist that anyone can get plugged in and begin using those gifts and graces that God has given them.  Here are a few of our ministry teams that anyone can join by contacting the church or the leader of the particular team.  If you do not see something here that fits your skills and passions, then talk with a minister and deacon, and he or she can help you find just the right place.

Spirit Boosters Team

This deacon team’s purpose is to encourage our members who are unable to attend worship services by regularly visiting them, sending them cards, and taking them bulletins, CD’s of the services and other items that will help them feel connected to their church.
The team is composed of several volunteers and welcomes others who would like to serve God in this capacity.

Nursing Home & Shut-ins Team

Some members of our church family are no longer able to attend worship services, but to ensure that they know that they are still an important part of the church, volunteers from this group visit them at least once each month.
And, because we are a family, we recognize their birthdays and other special days with phone calls and cards.

Bouquet Bearers Team

Bouquet Bearers work in teams of two. On Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we divide the flowers from the sanctuary into small bouquets and distribute the small bouquets to individuals who are sick, in the hospital, or who are shut in, have experienced the loss of a loved one, or are experiencing a special occasion in their life.

Bereavement Team

The Bereavement Team provides a ministry to families of deceased members of the church. In support and comfort of the family, the team provides a meal for the bereaved family on the day of the memorial service. The team is made up of six teams of 8 – 10 members.

Hospitality Team

The Hospitality Team provides a friendly, inviting and generous environment for guests and members to fellowship together.  The team plans and organizes the Wednesday night family dinners, anniversary picnics, fellowships, social events, Sunday morning fellowships and ensures that members and guests feel welcome at all times.  The activities the team plans provide an opportunity for church members to use their talents and to be disciples through serving others.