In order to keep our children safe and to provide an environment of enjoyable learning and growth, a set of Policies and Procedures has been established.

Here are a few of the highlights:

• Parents and other interested church members are always invited and welcomed to any activity involving Preschoolers and Children

• The “Getting to Know You” form provides valuable information, such as the child’s name, allergies or special needs, and parental contact information. These forms are revised at the beginning of each school year and can be found in your child’s classroom or by clicking the link above

• Off-campus travel, either in the van or in private cars, will always be chaperoned by at least two adults. A current Medical Consent Form is required

• All teachers and volunteers have successfully completed a background check and at least two of these adults will be supervising each class and activity for children

• If a child is in our care and the parent is needed, a text message reading “Please come to the nursery” or “Please come to the children’s area” will be sent to the phone number on the “Getting to Know You” form we have on file for the child

• We hope that it is never needed, but in the event that the building is evacuated, the children will be taken to the grassy area at the back corner of the parking lot on the Pine Street side of the building

Please check in with one of the workers when picking up your child from this rendezvous point.

The complete Policies and Procedures Document can be found here.