We believe that God has called us as a community of faith to share the love and life of Christ.

As a community of faith, we seek to live out this calling by:

Worshiping: We must first and continually experience that which we desire to share. We love because God first loved us. Therefore, we gather weekly to surrender our lives as living sacrifices to the One who is Love.

Growing: We must also continually learn what it means to follow Jesus in everyday life if we are to authentically share his life and his love. Therefore, even as we serve one another and go out into the world, we also commit ourselves to small group discipleship, personal Bible study, and prayer.

Serving: We know that God has granted us all gifts and abilities to contribute to the building up of the church so that we might individually and communally be transformed more and more into the image of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we open ourselves to one another in service so that we might share the love and life of Christ together. Sometimes this happens in our personal interactions and relationships, and sometimes it happens through the organized committees and teams of our church, but however it happens, we know that we shall be met by Christ as we share in the pains and joy of life together.

Going: We know that God also calls us to go out and to use our gifts and passions to share the life and love of Jesus with God’s good world around us--and that we are not called to wait for others to come to us. Sometimes that means sharing in words of hope and faith as we develop and deepen friendships with those in our community, and sometimes that means acting out our faith in the one who came “to bring good news to the poor, to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free.”

Surrendering: Every circle needs a center point to hold all things together, and for us, individually and communally, that center point is surrender. Individually, we must all surrender our own wills before the cross of Christ each and every day if we are to properly worship, grow, serve, and go as we live our faith at home, in our neighborhoods and gathering spaces, and at work. But, we must also surrender as a community. We must surrender to God so that we might be guided by the Spirit and transformed into the Body of Christ, and we must surrender one to another so that we can sustain this difficult but beautiful thing called community, called being the people of God in Danville, VA.