Our worship experiences are not performances put on by professional clergy. They are the heartfelt response of the entire congregation lifting up our praises, our thanksgivings, our confessions, and our petitions in response to the God who has sought us and found us and brought us home.

This is why anyone who feels called to do so is welcome to join in the planning and leading of our worship services.

Worship Planning

Every week, two laypeople join with our ministers to plan an upcoming worship service, but this is far more than picking our favorite hymns and moving on. Our planning is a reflection-oriented experience in which we take time to read, to meditate, and to share about the scripture passages for that particular service.

We then take those reflections and plan the hymns and other elements of the service so that they are a cohesive whole connecting back to what God is speaking to us through the scripture. Please contact Casey Carroll or Angela Zimmerman for more information.

Our Lay Leaders

In every service, at least two laypeople are involved in leading our congregation in worship. Their role is not a performance but an opportunity to guide fellow worshipers into a deeper experience of God’s presence among us.

Most often this leadership happens through the reading of scripture and the lifting up of public prayers. However, there are also other special worship services throughout the year that involve other opportunities.

Please contact Chuck Vipperman or John Carroll for more information.

Greeters and Ushers

Our worship experiences also could not happen without our greeters and ushers, those friendly faces that welcome you at the door, hand you a bulletin, and assist with the offering and communion.

These small acts of service and kindness truly make a great difference for our community, and new folks willing to serve in these capacities are always welcome.

Please contact Bert Osborne or John Carroll for more information.