In October 2015, First Baptist joined five other local churches to become an official packing station for the Malcolm Huckabee Backpack program at God’s Storehouse. Through this Backpack Ministry program, nearly 300 children at Woodberry Hills Elementary School, the poorest school in the city, received a bag of food to take home each weekend.

Because of the poor economic situations of their families, these children often don’t get enough nutritious food at home on the weekends, leaving them unable to concentrate and learn as well in school during the week. Their grades and skills have improved noticeably as a result of the healthy food they get from the Backpack Ministry program.

As a packing station, several of our members go to God’s Storehouse once a month and collect the necessary food items to pack between 59 and 62 bags for the four weekends of that month. Students and staff from the Madeline Center, which meets in our church, set up exactly what we need to pack that week according to a preset menu on Tuesday or Wednesday morning. Then Wednesday nights, October through May, church members gather a half hour before church supper at 5 pm, and pack the bags of food. Another group of three members delivers the bags to Woodberry Hills School at 1 pm each Friday. Special arrangements are made for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break.