Our style is traditional in that we sing hymns from a hymnal, connect with the ancient practices of our faith through space for silent confession, have a choir that sings wonderful anthems, and enjoy the moving music of our organ and piano. However, for us, traditional does not need to be stuffy or stiff but can be inviting and inspiring. That is the kind of worship we aspire to as we sing, pray, and reflect together.

Worship Time

Our service begins at 10:30 am and usually runs about an hour.


When you come on a Sunday, you will find many people in what is traditionally called their “Sunday Best.” Those in our church who dress this way do so out of a deep sense of reverence for God and the worship hour. You will also find individuals in more casual attire. Those in our church who dress this way do so out of a real sense of comfort in God’s presence. Ultimately though, as a church family, we make space for a diversity of attire and approaches to God because we believe that God accepts all of us just as we are.


Children are always welcome in our services. Don’t worry about whether they will make noise or squirm - they probably will, and that is perfectly alright. The presence of children in our service, with all that they bring, is a joy to us as a church and to God whom we worship. In fact, we are so glad for children to be gathered with us in our service that we have children’s worship bags available for any children who would benefit from a more interactive way to engage.


We do have nursery care available during worship for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Our nursery is staffed by volunteers and a paid, trained nursery worker, all of whom have undergone background checks. These dedicated individuals will care for your child and help them to grow in understanding God’s love for them.